Title21 Software’s Cell Therapy Solution Chosen by Reputable Umbilical Cord Blood Bank

Cleveland Cord Blood CenterTitle21 Software announces today that Cleveland Cord Blood Center (CCBC), a cord blood bank that collects, preserves and stores umbilical cord blood for clinical use, has selected Title21 Software’s Cell Therapy Solution to automate their cord blood facility. Cleveland Cord Blood Center will streamline their quality management processes, document control and training management with Title21 Software’s integrated electronic solution.

“After seeing Title21 Software, we were impressed by its capabilities for instituting document control without changing our existing forms, SOPs and records,” said a CCBC spokesperson in a statement regarding the new partnership. “The user-friendly interface along with an integrated system will make reporting and tracking a much more efficient process. We are looking forward to deployment as a crucial step toward compliance in a highly regulated environment.”

Title21 Software has already made a name for itself among blood banks, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and more. Title21’s rapid growth in the Cell Therapy industry will continue to expand with their Cell Therapy Solution; an integrated software suite that automated the vital processes of any cord blood bank.

“We are thrilled to be automating another cord blood facility,” said Lynn Fischer, CEO of Title21 Software.“Cleveland Cord Blood Center choosing Title21 Software is a strong testament to our capabilities in today’s Cell Therapy marketplace. Our software was designed to be powerful and versatile and seeing its ability to improve the processes of such a diverse set of organizations is truly exciting.”