Digitize your Storage Configuration

The interface is flexible to mirror your freezer’s configuration, whether it utilizes shelves, racks or a traditional tank configuration.


Simplify Inventory Placement

Visible electronic views of your storage configuration enables easy product placement, or the system can identify the next available location.


Store all Pertinent Data

Ensure complete inventory documentation by capturing critical information for searching and reporting purposes.


Easily Locate Inventoried Product

Comprehensive searching quickly indicates the location and status of inventoried product based upon unique inventory ID and other product identifiers.


Manage Inventory from a Tablet

Your inventory management solution is configured for access on Windows-based tablets, allowing inventory management from anywhere, including the clean room.


Rely on a Validated, Compliant System

The system is validated to ensure that the correct cell therapy product, aliquot and sample is quickly located and distributed for administration.


Import Existing Inventory

Title21 can batch import your existing inventory data into the system, alleviating the need for manual inventory data entry.

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Standardized and Compliant Cell Therapy Product Storage

Increase Control

Increase Control

Heightened visibility of real-time storage and permission-based data access provides increased control and timely use of inventory.

Simplify Inventory Tracking

Simplify Inventory Tracking

The intuitive interface, automatic notifications, and comprehensive reporting support efficient inventory tracking.

Ensure Traceability

Ensure Traceability

The system facilitates traceability of product to personnel, supplies, equipment and inventory location throughout the inventory process.