Capture Essential Donor Information

Ensure data is gathered at each step of the collections process including donor consent and critical health history information.


Manage On-Site Collections Data

Store all collections data associated with on-site or off-site collections, including apheresis, bone marrow and cord blood for autologous or allogeneic collections.


Upload External Collections Data

Import NMDP collections data for management within the Title21 interface for any product type including peripheral blood, bone marrow and cord blood.


Integrate with Clinical Systems

Populate real-time information from other systems including patient demographic information and testing data at the appropriate workflow step.


Document Donor Eligibility

Link testing data with donor and recipient information, facilitating donor eligibility determination.


Print ISBT 128 Labels

Print ISBT 128 Labels at the appropriate point in the collections workflow with automatically updated product code selections through integrated ISBT 128 labeling software. Learn more.


Centralize Donor, Recipient and Product Data

Link the donor MRN and patient MRN, facilitating centralized data management throughout the transplant process.


Manage Physician Orders

Generate physician orders with target collection specifications, automatically populating pertinent data onto the order form.


Collect Electronic Approvals

Data collection is guided through workflows, including collection of e-signature approvals at key decision points.


Integrate Data

Integrate Data

Enter data once and it will automatically populate appropriate fields up and downstream throughout clinical forms, inventory tracking and manufacturing batch records.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure Compliance

Forms and workflows are designed and validated to support FDA, FACT and AABB compliance.

Improve Patient Safety

Improve Patient Safety

Automatic calculations, integrated clinical data and integrated ISBT 128 Labeling reduce double data entry and minimize errors.