Paperless Data Collection

Eliminate inefficiencies and compliance risks associated with paper-based documentation and manual calculations with an easy-to-use electronic system.


Integrate with Clinical Systems

Securely pull in validated data including patient demographic information and testing results without the risk of manual transcription errors.


Manage Multiple Protocols

Assign standard protocols from predefined selections and add additional protocols to meet new processing needs.


Efficiently Split and Pool Products

Aliquot products with automatic calculations based on volume, number of aliquots, and CD34 selection.


Print & Scan ISBT 128 Labels

Print ISBT 128 labels throughout the processing workflow with automatically updating product codes based upon your step in the workflow.


Ensure Traceability

Document bi-directional traceability of equipment, supplies, products and personnel while automatically updating inventory levels of supplies through natively integrated Supplies Management inventory tracking.


Interface with Laboratory Instruments

Securely transfer and populate data from laboratory instruments into applicable forms within the system.


Manage Lab Releases, Transfers and NMDP Send-outs

Generate a complete batch manufacturing record for product release review with an automated approval workflow to collect e-signatures.

Efficient, Streamlined Operations Increase the Processing Bandwidth of Your Laboratory

Integrate Data

Integrate Data

Enter data once and populate fields up and downstream throughout clinical forms, inventory tracking and manufacturing batch records.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure Compliance

Forms and workflows are designed and validated to support FDA, FACT and AABB compliance.

Improve Patient Safety

Improve Patient Safety

Automatic calculations, integrated clinical data and integrated ISBT 128 Labeling reduce double data entry and minimize errors.