Record all Required Data

Document the qualification, receipt, handling, and storage of supplies and equipment used throughout procurement, processing, storage, distribution and administration.


Track Utilization

Document the consumption of supplies through intuitive supply selection or by barcode scan of individual supply item or grouped supply kits.


Manage Supply Inventory

Manage the inventory of supplies with automated alerts, re-order tasks and warnings of approaching expirations.


Document Qualification and Validation

Assign installation, operational and performance qualification tasks and record all qualification, acceptance and validation records within the system.


Assign Unique Identifiers

Track and locate supplies by lot number, expiration dates, receipt date, open-on date and other parameters.


Automate Equipment Maintenance & Calibration Scheduling

Minimize compliance and safety risks of out-of-specification and out-of-calibration equipment through electronic scheduling and documentation of maintenance and calibration activities.


Ensure the Use and Control of Suitable Equipment

Prevent the use of equipment throughout the manufacturing process that is not up-to-date on compliance activities through cross-module integration.

Track & Trace Supplies Throughout Cell Therapy Operations

Gain Traceability

Gain Traceability

Quickly identify and recall cell therapy products associated with the unique identifiers of pieces of equipment or supplies.

Ensure Compliance

Ensure Compliance

Automated equipment maintenance scheduling, supply expiration alerts, and required data collection support compliance and patient safety.

Increase Visibility

Increase Visibility

Ad hoc reporting and notifications of inventory levels and expiration dates enable consistent monitoring of supplies.