Ensure Complete Records

Workflows and electronic forms have logic and thresholds enabling visible flags to alert missing critical data, incompatibilities, or deviations according to defined parameters.


Review Testing Data

Assemble donor and recipient testing data for a full review and e-signature sign-off.


Confirm Traceability of Supplies and Equipment

Critical materials that come into contact with the cell therapy product are identified including unique IDs, manufacturer, lot number and expiration dates.


Confirm Labeling and Cryopreservation Information

All steps of the process are documented on the record and can be reviewed including product labeling and cryopreservation steps.


Apply E-Signature

Lab release and patient charts are electronically routed for review and e-signature approval.

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Eliminate the Risks of Lost Paper Forms and Incomplete Data

Heighten Visibility

Heighten Visibility

Documentation gaps, errors, or patient safety concerns are alerted to the user throughout the workflow, facilitating and efficient review and sign-off.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Manually assembling patient and processing information through disconnected paper forms is tedious and leaves room for missing data – Title21 Electronic Batch Record Solution enables automated and accurate data review.

Improve Patient Safety

Improve Patient Safety

Rely on a validated, electronic system to facilitate proper approval for the safe distribution of cell therapy products.