Title21 Software Announces Seamless CIBMTR Integration via AGNIS

Title21 Software announces their integration capabilities via AGNIS for the easy upload of hematopoietic cell transplant data to CIBMTR. This will allow transplant centers to streamline the upload of recipient information onto the CIBMTR directly from the Title21 Software interface.

Title21 Software, Inc, a provider of integrated software solutions for Bone Marrow Transplant Programs, Cord Blood Facilities, Cellular Therapy Labs and more, announces the exciting new capability to upload and retrieve recipient information into CIBMTR via AGNIS directly from Title21 Software’s interface. This new solution supports current forms available through AGNIS and will continue to support new forms as they become available.

Kent Kirimli, Title21 Software’s Chief Architect, says, “At Title21 Software, we are committed to making our software the best possible solution for our clients. This commitment means we are continuously innovating to respond the needs of our customers and increase efficiency wherever we can. Title21’s ability to integrate with AGNIS to upload data into the CIBMTR saves time, ensures the integrity of the patient information and simplifies the data entry process.”

This capability will allow editing and review capabilities within Title21, eliminating the need to log into FormsNet giving users the benefit of only needing to log in to a single-system to manage patient information. Title21 also allows users quick access to one complete data set per individual patient, providing for the efficient review off all pertinent information as well as eliminating double-data entry. Title21 ensures compliance to 21CFR Part 11 and facilitates a complete audit trail of its submissions to the CIBMTR as well as all signatures associated with each record.

“We are thrilled to be offering this new capability to our customers as we feel it will have a significant impact on the efficiency and the quality of their operations,” said Lynn Fischer, CEO of Title21 Software. “Title21 Software is truly the all-in-one solution, and we will continue to take every opportunity to aid in the success of the BMT and Cellular Therapy Community. The CIBMTR upload capability is just one of the many ways we streamline operations and increase overall throughput.”