Title21 enables single source management of employee data leveraging SCIM integration standards to improve patient safety and operational efficiency

Phoenix, Arizona, September 7, 2023: Title21 Health Solutions (“Title21”), the leading innovator of cloud enterprise quality management solutions (EQMS), blood and marrow transplant (BMT) and cell and gene therapy (CGT) data management solutions, today announces the successful development of technology to unify key Identity Access Management (IAM) data with Title21’s technology platform via SCIM standard. 


Developed in collaboration with a leading US hospital group, this technology integrates the hospital’s IAM system with Title21's automated quality management platform, allowing a seamless flow of real-time updates to key employee information between systems. This connection eliminates transcription risk and reduces human resource burdens and operational costs in support of key resource optimization efforts central to health systems across the country. Additionally, potential security discrepancies between systems can be eliminated by isolating these permissions to a single source of truth system mapped between systems, effectively increasing lab safety, and therefore patient safety, across the healthcare enterprise.   


Title21’s CEO, Lynn Fischer explains “Enabling single-source management of employee data, including activation and removal of users and updates to existing permissions, dramatically reduces the time and cost of managing user access across multiple electronic systems.” To date, this integration has increased organizational efficiency, quality, and allocated staff time at our partner healthcare institution. Alongside the implementation of Title21’s document management system, this integration has also resulted in reduced errors, improved staff learning processes, improved compliance, and increased total document production, resulting in millions of dollars in savings.   


The live implementation of this integration further supports Title21’s mission of delivering robust, integrated, and easy-to-use software to healthcare and life sciences industries. In securing the connections among electronic systems, removing barriers to productivity, and optimizing quality initiatives, Title21 strengthens its longstanding commitment to improving patient safety and outcomes with both EQMS and Cell therapy modules.  


With over 20 years focused exclusively on the health and life science domains, Title21 is driven by a patient-first focus through the digital transformation of enterprise hospital programs.  Title21 Health Solutions is an ArchiMed portfolio company. ArchiMed is a leading healthcare industry-focused growth equity enterprise based in New York and Lyon, France.  

About Title21 - www.title21.com, ultimately, to support improvement in patient safety and care. The sole focus is developing technology to meet the specific needs of healthcare and life sciences firms, resulting in comprehensive solutions that are flexible to evolving business and regulatory requirements. Through the years, their partnerships with industry leaders have steered their innovations to continue to meet the dynamic needs of the markets they serve. As the breadth of Title21’s technology solutions has expanded, their mission and dedication to customers’ success and supporting the improvement of patient care has served as the true north. For the team at Title21 Health Solutions, their passion is to deliver technology that enables customers to deliver products and services that truly make a difference and enable world-class patient care.   


About ArchiMed - www.archimed.group. With offices in Europe, North America, and Asia, ARCHIMED is a leading investment firm focused exclusively on healthcare industries. Its mix of operational, medical, scientific and financial expertise allows ARCHIMED to serve as both a strategic and financial partner to healthcare businesses. Prioritized areas of focus include Biopharma Products, Consumer Health, Healthcare IT, In Vitro Diagnostics, Life Science Tools & Biologic Services, MedTech, and Pharma Services. ARCHIMED helps partners internationalize, acquire, innovate, and expand their products and services. ARCHIMED manages €8 billion across its various funds, including the largest healthcare-only private equity fund raised by a European-based General Partner. Since inception, ARCHIMED has been a committed Impact investor, both directly and through its EURÊKA Foundation.  


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