It's time to embrace faster development timelines, reduced costs per treatment, and ultimately, let more patients gain access to your groundbreaking therapies.

Achieve Efficient, Scalable Production

Standardize and Streamline Data
Take the guesswork out of your paperwork by embracing standardization and streamlining data entry via barcoding, automated calculations, and enhanced systems and device integrations.
Electronic Batch Records (EBR)
Build a more engaged workforce with intuitive, easy-to-follow electronic Batch Process Records (eBPR) designed to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your documentation burden.
Optimize Logisitics
Break down data silos and gain complete visibility into your entire process to streamline patient sample collection, transportation, manufacturing, and product delivery.
Faster Approvals
Speed up your batch record review and approval process with instant access to your data, on-screen 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signatures for sign offs, supervisor reviews, secondary routings, checkpoints, and fail safes that are all designed to conform to your standards and embrace your nuances.
Regulatory and Accreditation Compliance
Document bi-directional traceability of equipment, supplies, products and personnel, easily generate barcoded products labels including ISBT 128 templates, automate full chain of custody tracking, and maintain batch records and product release in line with the ever-changing regulatory and accreditation frameworks.

Unlock Real-Time Data Insights

Automated Alerts
Keep your team focused on what they need to do not what they don’t through built-in alerts and reminders.
Supply Chain Management
Ensure a reliable supply chain that maximizes your operational capacity by minimizing stockouts and overstocking, and streamlining production planning.
Cost Controls
Control costs through real-time data visibility at every stage of production.
Interactive Dashboards
Leverage real-time interactive dashboards designed to monitor your Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Custom Reports
Easily perform ad-hoc queries to gain more insight into your program and your products.

Data Entry & Interface Matters

A 2019 study of manually entered point-of-care lab test results showed that 73% of lab data pairs had a discrepancy.

The amount of clinical data containing errors resulted in a deviation from the appropriate care for the patient.

Mays, J. A., & Mathias, P. C. (2019). Measuring the rate of manual transcription error in outpatient point-of-care testing.​ Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 26(3), 269–272.

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