The Hidden Cost of Paper-based Workflows

Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) present complex challenges due to their personalized nature, delicate materials, and intricate production.

Title21’s Cell and Gene Therapy Orchestration Platform empowers your team to overcome these challenges and spend more time creating and delivering treatments through easy-to-follow workflows, data driven insights, and enhanced interoperability.

Unleashing the Full Potential of Cell & Gene Therapies

The complexities of cell and gene therapy production demand innovative solutions that empower your team and transform your outcomes.

Increase Efficiency and Speed
  • Accelerate your processes and deliver more treatments to more patients with automated and easy-to-follow intuitive workflows that conform to your standards and embrace your nuances.
  • Control costs through real-time, 360-degree visibility into every stage of your manufacturing process enabling early issue detection and mitigating risks before they become lengthy delays and problems.
  • Reduce data entry time and eliminate error-prone data entry redundancy by integrating with existing systems, devices, suppliers, partners and registries.
  • Ease your documentation burden and increase your software adoption rate with one, consistent user experience that encompasses everything your facility needs from staff onboarding and training through to document management, patient management, product management and everything in between.
  • Empower growth not paperwork with a scalable solution that accommodates a growing number of patients and complex treatment protocols right from the start.
Streamline Regulatory and Accreditation Compliance
  • Maintain complete, auditable records with ease.
  • Restrict access based on personnel training and certifications.
  • Easily document chain of custody and lot-to-lot traceability for all your products.
  • The tools you need to support the ever-changing regulatory and accreditation requirements including FACT/JACIE, AABB, GxP, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11 and more.
Deliver Better Treatments
  • Break down data silos and gain access to valuable, data-driven insights that improve treatment strategies and personalize care.
  • Foster collaboration across your team with instant access to the latest information when they need it and how they need it so you can all help shape your patients’ experience.
  • Onboard new therapies faster with established electronic document management and training tools and flexible data capture.
  • Ensure the highest integrity to your data (and keep your staff happy) by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry - pull in the data that’s already collected and push out the data that others need.
  • Easily identify outliers and take action on your data so you can deliver the right treatment to the right patient.

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