Title21 Software Announces Corporate Name Change to Title21 Health Solutions


Title21 Software, Inc. announced today its name change to Title21 Health Solutions to reflect its sole focus and commitment to delivering easy-to-use, flexible and integrated solutions to meet the specific needs of the health sciences industry.

“Since 2001, we have refined and developed our solutions to help our customers reduce medical errors, increase the efficiency of laboratory operations, close compliance gaps and ultimately improve patient care and quality,” commented Chief Architect and Founder , Kent Kirimli. “We strongly believe that in order to deliver the most advanced and user friendly technology for the health science community, our sole focus should be on delivering on their specific requirements. We are devoted to improving quality and efficiencies and ultimately improving patient care.”

Since its inception, Title21, has gained notoriety as the go-to electronic solution for blood centers, hospitals, laboratories, and now to fully-automate cord blood banks and cellular therapy environments. As well as being the industry’s “go-to” solution, Title21 is also a leader in technological innovation. Within the past several months Title21 announced the release of the Title21 Document and Training Web Portal, which is optimized for iPads®, as well as the Title21 Regulation and Standards Maintenance Solution™, which simplifies the task of ensuring your policies and procedures are kept up-to-date with changing standards and regulations.

“The corporate name change to Title21 Health Solutions reflects the passion and commitment that has driven us to where we are today. Our dedication to improving patient outcomes is our ‘True North’ that fuels our direction and advancements in delivering world-class technology for the health sciences,” said Lynn Fischer, Chief Executive Officer of Title21 Health Solutions. “Title21 Health Solutions has the expertise and the agility to deliver the innovations needed to meet the advancing needs of the health science industry. Title21 is at the forefront of  healthcare by providing integrated, electronic and paperless solutions.”