Title21 Health Solutions Announces a New Class of Technology in Cellular Therapy


Cell-Therapy-Technology-1.jpgTitle21 Health Solutions™ announced a new class of technology in cellular therapy at the 2014 AABB Conference in Philadelphia. Title21 delivers a flexible, integrated Electronic Data Management System that is easy to use for the entire medical staff.  The comprehensive platform automates Quality Management, Laboratory Information Management, and Inventory Management with integration to CIBMTR/NMDP, ISBT 128 Labeling, laboratory instruments, and HL7 integration with other clinical information systems. The complete and comprehensive solution is designed to support the innovation, quality and compliance of Cellular Therapy laboratories.

“Our innovation and technology development is driven by the needs of the customers and markets we serve. Title21 Health Solutions offers unique technology that automates the entire cellular therapy process and lab environment from collections to treatment,” remarked Lynn Fischer, CEO of Title21 Health Solutions. “Traditional Laboratory Information Systems do not meet the numerous and varied requirements of cellular therapy. Title21 Health Solutions delivers a new class of flexible and integrated technology for cellular therapy labs to ensure compliance, operational efficiency, and quality to ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

Title21 Cellular Therapy Solution enables laboratories to achieve traceability, enhance quality controls, and streamline the entire life cycle of therapeutic products in one easy-to-use comprehensive platform. Integration with ISBT 128 labeling, CIBMTR/NMDP as well as laboratory instruments decreases double-data entry and the risk for human error while increasing the interoperability of the laboratory.

“Title21 automates all aspects of a cellular therapy environment”, said Kent Kirimli, Chief Architect of Title21 Health Solutions. “Everything from collections to banking then transplantation, materials management, product inventory management, order processing, shipping and distribution, vendor and supplies management, batch record automation, equipment maintenance…and the possibilities are unlimited. We have a strong commitment to world-class innovation and long-term strategic partnerships that make it possible for Title21 Health Solutions to deliver a completely new class of electronic data management systems to better serve the entire cellular therapy market.”

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