Title21 Health Solutions Headlines CIOReview as a Secret Weapon for Biotech and Regenerative Medicine

PRESS RELEASE | Title21 Health Solutions (, an innovative Bay Area tech firm that provides integrated electronic solutions for health science organizations, announced today it was selected as the cover story in CIOReview’s Special Biotechnology Edition featuring its twenty top technology solution providers positively impacting biotech.

Each year, CIOReview’s panel of industry experts and thought leaders CIO Review Coverevaluate hundreds of solution providers. Companies are chosen based upon their cutting-edge technologies tackling key challenges in the industry. Title21 Health Solutions was also recognized in 2015, and this year was selected to appear as CIOReview’s featured company.

Title21 Health Solutions was chosen for its easy-to-use electronic data management solutions that support biotechnology and regenerative medicine organizations to manufacture safe and effective products while complying with regulatory standards and maximizing efficiency. “Our sole focus is developing and delivering solutions for health science organizations including biotech, regenerative medicine, hospitals and cellular therapy labs. We provide robust yet easy-to-use solutions to help our partners manufacture novel products and therapies that help improve patient safety and outcomes,” stated Lynn Fischer, CEO of Title21 Health Solutions. “We are honored to be recognized for the second year in a row in CIOReview’s Top 20 list and grateful that our story is being told, so that our technologies may be utilized to help more patients,” remarked Fischer.

“CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Biotech Technology Solution Providers list is a validation from the CIO community that Title21 Health Solutions is considered a Trusted Partner. By being voted by CIOs, Title21 Health Solutions has proven its expertise in Biotech Technology placing it amongst the top percentile of integrated enterprise solution providers”, said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview. “Title21 Health Solutions continues to deliver exciting new products and technologies, and we believe that they have something special that the market needs which is why we chose to feature the company as our cover story.”

Click here to view the digital edition of CIOReview’s biotechnology special edition.

Click here to view the full Press Release.

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