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For the team at Title21 Health Solutions, nothing beats hearing stories of how Title21’s integrated solutions have helped make the lives of our customers easier! We strive for Customer Delight in everything we do which starts with delivering easy-to-use technology that our customers love.

Recently, we heard from our friends at Miller-Keystone Blood Center about how Title21 Document Control enabled them to efficiently and seamlessly execute the controlled revision of their SOPs to reflect new procedures at their organization. Umadevi Ranganna and Sylvia Lengel, who are both Quality Assurance Specialists at Miller-Keystone Blood Center shared:

We recently implemented another software program for screening of donors and had to revise our Collection SOPs and forms to reflect the new process.  A couple of years ago, before we had Title21, using our manual process, it would have been a nightmare keeping track of pages and pages of documents as they were revised, approved, trained and implemented.  But, with Title21 we could see which documents were checked out and by whom, we could see the collaborative inputs for each one, and move them through the approval process seamlessly.  At any given moment we knew where each document was and who had approved or rejected the document and why.  Documentation of staff training was easily set up and monitored so we knew who had completed their training and who had not.  The amount of time and effort we have saved is immense! I would recommend Title21 to any organization that is considering it. I love Title21; it is easy to use, very user-friendly, and good customer service. Thanks, Title21 Team!

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