Title21 Health Solutions’ Cell Therapy Software Featured on Moving America Forward, Hosted by William Shatner



PRESS RELEASE | October 12th, 2015 - Pleasanton, CA - Title21 Health Solutions™, an innovative provider of flexible and integrated solutions for the Health Sciences, is honored to be recognized on Moving America Forward for the Title21 Cellular Therapy Solution, a comprehensive cell therapy software platform designed for blood & marrow transplant programs, cord blood centers, cell therapy laboratories and other cell therapy environments. Moving America Forward is a national business television series, which celebrates the achievements and contributions of businesses and entrepreneurs across America; it is hosted by William Shatner, anchored by Doug Llewelyn and features retired Admiral Delaney.

Moving America Forward is known for featuring successful American businesses that use innovative products and services to solve issues previously unmet by past businesses within their space. Title21’s robust cell therapy software was selected to be featured on the program due to its success in delivering paperless laboratory environments and streamlining cell therapy operations from start-to-finish through highly flexible, user-friendly, and integrated software solutions.

In the segment, Lynn Fischer, Chief Executive Officer of Title21 Health Solutions, was asked by William Shatner to describe how Title21 Health Solutions is helping move America forward through its technology, beyond just being a successful business. Fischer explained, “Medical, biotech and cancer treatment centers across the country are drowning in paperwork. They have fewer resources than ever to manage this endless trail of documents and as a result, some of the brightest minds must focus on paperwork rather than treating patients. Title21 Health Solutions has developed an integrated software platform that removes the need for paper and manages all critical processes so that the physicians and researchers can do what they were born to do — innovate and advance medicine to deliver the best possible quality of patient care.” Doug Llewelyn added, “It is the complete tracked record in patient care, in certain areas.

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