Title21 Health Solutions' Electronic Cell Therapy Solution Supports All AGNIS-supported CIBMTR Forms Available for Electronic Submission

November 15th, 2016, Title21 Health Solutions announces its authorization for submission and retrieval of all AGNIS®-supported CIBMTR® forms in production environments. Title21 Health Solutions is a certified vendor of AGNIS, whose purpose is to facilitate clinical data exchange across the HSCT community to accelerate the availability of patient follow-up data to be available for research. Title21's CIBMTR Integration Solution enables transplant centers to efficiently and effectively manage mandatory reporting to the Center for International Blood and Marrow Research (CIBMTR) while meeting regulatory and compliance standards.

Title21's integrated cell therapy software solutions support cell therapy programs to gain efficiencies, improve compliance and reduce paperwork throughout their clinical, laboratory, inventory and compliance-related operations. Since release of its comprehensive Title21 Cellular Therapy Solution in 2014, Title21 has continued to expand and refine the platform's capabilities including enhanced clinical data management and simplified reporting to CIBMTR. In addition to authorization for all AGNIS-supported forms, Title21's CIBMTR Integration Solution's features include:

  • An intuitive CIBMTR Dashboard to track next forms due and ensure timely submissions
  • Integration to clinical systems and Title21's LIMS to securely auto populate patient, product and outcomes data into applicable CIBMTR forms
  • Automation of American Society for Blood and Marrow transplantation (ASBMT) RFI reports
  • KPI charts, ad hoc query tools and reports including Kaplan-Meier Survival, Transplant Data, GVHD and AE Reports

  • "We continuously innovate and develop our technology to deliver more opportunities for the cell therapy community to eliminate paperwork, double-data entry, and transcription errors, and to improve the compliance and quality of CT programs -- ultimately to improve patient care and outcomes," said Lynn Fischer, Title21 Health Solutions' Chief Executive Officer. "Our integrated technology improves data integrity and saves countless hours of staff time, so people no longer need to be the integrators of critical data."

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